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Great compact size!
Love how it fits so well on the sink counter. Great having the two in one brush to accomplish brushing and flossing.


Awesome toothbrush!!
I love how clean my teeth and mouth feel after using this. I'm not always as good at flossing as I should be and this really gets the job done!


Sleek Finish
I got this a few days ago and it has made my morning routine such a breeze. I can't believe how great the brush head cleans between teeth and below the gum line.

Mrs T

The best yet!
I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth my teeth felt after brushing I love it!


Brush and Floss Simultaneously
The brush head is smaller than the other toothbrushes I've used, but that makes it easier to get to the back teeth. The bristles are soft, and do not irritate the gums.